Signomix is an IoT platform and a data management platform.

It allows users to collect data from registered sources, for example from IoT devices.
Signomix provides all its functionalities through the REST API, as well as offers a user interface accessible via a web browser.

Main assumptions

One of the basic assumptions is minimalism and simplicity of the solution. The goal is to create a product that focuses on the most important end-user features and is as simple to use as possible. Achieving this is possible due to consistency in the selection of functionality and providing an ascetic user interface.

Another assumption is the ease of integration with the platform from any programming language. Therefore, REST has been used.

And finally, the most important thing is security for IoT or data sources. In order to minimize the attack methods, the assumption was made that Signomix never initiates a connection with IoT or a data source, but only responds to received messages.