Cricket µSite is a CMS solution supporting the development of Internet applications. It allows you to quickly launch both a simple website, an extensive application or a MBaaS service that provides data for mobile devices.

An information platform for the digital revolution

Nowadays, in the face of the rapid changes taking place every day in Internet technologies and services, we need solutions that can be quickly designed and launched. Solutions that can be instantly adapted to emerging expectations and grow as your business grows. IT system providers strive to meet these needs both through a more flexible approach to project management (various types of agile methodologies) and through the use of new technologies ( microservice approach, containerization, automation).

The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.
Rupert Murdoch

The Cricket Microsite platform was created in response to these market needs. Designed from scratch using the latest technologies and based on years of experience in implementing CMS/WCM/DMS solutions, it offers a well thought-out and optimal set of functionalities.

  • It allows you to launch the website on the basis of static HTML files and successively create more and more extensive service as your needs arise.
  • Facilitates rapid prototyping and easy modification
  • Ports & adapters' architecture makes it easy to replace individual components
  • The use of the microservices concept allows flexible scaling of the solution.
  • It can be implemented both in the cloud infrastructure and on your server.
  • The use of Java guarantees access to as many integrated libraries as possible and to the largest market for development services