The Cricket MSF (Microservices Framework) is the lightest, yet functionally rich platform for creating microservices with Java.
Originally designed as a hobby project to test the concept of hexagonal architecture and microservices, it was developed over many months in the so-called "free time". The result is a platform that can be the basis for a wide range of micro solutions.

Designed for microservices

The concept of microservices is the next stage in the development of IT systems related to the area of system integration.
Starting from the SOA architecture and taking advantage of the possibilities offered by new technologies, microservices are becoming one of the most important concepts available to the architect and programmer.
Uncoupling business domains, both through dedicated teams and through the use of lightweight and easy to maintain systems, guarantees the mobility and agility of the organization.
The ability to react quickly to a changing market is nowadays a key success factor. This ease of modification is generally not possible with large, monolithic IT systems.
In order to meet the expectations of the market, the majority of providers of programming platforms for the Java language have prepared their proposals of microservice frameworks. These are often leaner versions of products that already exist.
In contrast, the Cricket MSF is designed from the ground up for the construction of microservices.

Thoughtful design

Microservices need a platform designed from the beginning to meet their requirements.
It should be a small platform, clear and easy to understand in its design, and simple to set up. Such features allow the team to quickly build a prototype of the service, keeping the costs of creating and modifying it at a low level.

  • Architektura oparta na koncepcji "Ports & Adapters" (Hexagonal Architecture)
  • Konfiguracja zapisana w zewnętrznym pliku JSON
  • Przejrzyste powiązanie adapterów z dedykowanymi do ich obsługi metodami za pomocą anotacji
  • Sterowanie mikroserwisem poprzez zdarzenia
  • Gotowy szablon przykładowego mikroserwisu dla szybkiego zainicjowania projektu
  • Wykorzystanie zewnętrznych bibliotek ograniczone do minimum

Carefully selected functionality set

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Low hardware requirements
  • Java 8, 9, 10
  • Embeded HTTP server
  • Automatic serialization of transmitted data to JSON or XML format.
  • Embeded No SQL (key-value) and SQL databases
  • Logging adapter
  • Event/tasks scheduler
  • Easy replacement of adapters (e.g. depending on environment)
  • Set of ready-to-use adapters